To our employees

VEC.GROUP Company has based its training and technical services activities on experts and valld. Rellable scientific resources.

The company has raised a pollcy relying on and repecting its personnel and these values have caused the company to grow.

We strongly believe that quality is the result of these values.

Because training is a crucial issue, we have always tried to create a mutual reliance between our company and customers and make our relationship as clear as possible.

The company tries to recognize and carry out stated and hidden Expectations of the customers.

The company has always considered trainees’ culture and background. And society’s ethics as one of the most important issues.

We have also attempted to update our texts and resources according to our experiences from previous projects and new resources and to adjust them to our customer’s expectations.

We have also attempted to update our texts and resources according and to adjust them to our experiences from previous projects and new resources and to adjust them to our customer’s expectations.Our success in the company. Above all. Relies on the commitment and hard working of our personnel.


VEC.GROUP is a technical training and services company. With valuable experience in implementation of all and gas activities.

The main offices to the execution of technical Tehran and Isfahan.

In addition to are execution of technical training courses. This company is activity involved in industry: supervision. Inspection and project control. The company benefits from its experienced and skilled staff in different technical fields. Such as mechanical. Electrical. Instrumentation. Health. Safety and environment.

The company held successful training courses in close cooperation with total company to train the newly recruited personnel of SPGC for South pars phases 1. 2 and 3.

The company is currently cooperating with the training department of Eni group. Holding training courses for South pars phases 4 and 5.

The company is also ready to establish required training courses for newly engaged employees or refreshment courses for presently engaged staff.

Besides technical courses. The company is capable of holding general English and technical English courses in order to improve trainee’s comprehension of technical subjects.

To fulflll our client’s clients’ objectives. Different courses are offered by the company depending on the expected objectives.

Training courses are categorized as follows


General English course Technical English Course common course specific course Refreshment Course PLC&DCS course OJT.


Language learning is learning to communicate. General English Course has set its major goal on communication to let learners communicate freely and successfully.

To fulfill the above-mentioned objective, a communicative approach is applied to engage learners in authentic, natural and functional use of language for meaningful purposes based on their needs or goals.

The course has been designed to improve an integration of The four skills of listening. Speaking, reading and writing with greater emphasis on listening and speaking. Efficient writing principles and different types of writing will also be covered at later stages of training according to requirements of the project or learners’ objectives to enhance their written performance. The system has experience with heterogeneous classes, multi-cultural learners from all over iran. With different accents and dialects. While trainees are educated people (Associates Degree or higher). Their English knowledge is null or quite fragile without the faintest communication ability.

General English Course enables trainees to understand English and be understood in English.

It helps them wipe out the bitter background of unsuccessful English learning they have dealt with for years. General English Course for almost all trainees is the first and most unique opportunity to savor communication applying the English language.

General English course is an intensive English course that leads learners to a linguistic shortcut to access the essentials of communication in minimum standard time.

The system recognizes the importance of time and deadlines in professional projects. On the job training’s or day release courses and takes time to schedule the shortest but the most appropriate training to meet customers requirements.

To attain ultimate quality. The system benefits from competent instructors who are fully aware of the foundations of language learning and language teaching as well as the nature of teaching English for a specific reason.

The instructors apply a wide range of techniques. Effective presentation skills and appropriate skills and appropriate principles of classroom management to stimulate enthusiasm. Interaction and teamwork among learners.

They are highly committed to their responsibility and actively maintain the urge to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Simultaneousiy, they extract and adapt materials and extra exercises creatively to enrich the course according to project necessities. Additionally, they make use of different kinds of audio and visual teaching aids to inspire learners.

And above all. The instructors have flexibility to accompany learners on sites or their working places and teach in any determined area if a project warrants.




Basic technical English course with the aim of acquaintance with very basic scientific. Mathematical and technical terms and concepts proceeds General English Course.

To make professional communication attainable. The course continues with more specific and detailed technical information upon customer’s requirements and demands.

Upon the completion of the course learners will integrate their General English and technical English knowledge to communicate efficiently and exchange technical information.

Execution of the course provides participants with the required information and basic overview about and gas industry.

The course is suitable to run for new recruited oil and gas industry employees.

The content of the course includes the following.

1: Oil History

2: Searching for ail

3: Drilling for oil and gas

4: Oil production

5: Controlled production

6: Transporting oil and gas

7: Refinery and petrochemicals

8: Petroleum products and their uses

9: Marketing oil products

10: Research

More than 5
100 employees
half whom are employed outside Italy Presence in more than 30 countries with over 50 operating companies Italian headquarters: Rome Milan



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Range of services

1: Feasibility studies and Pre-projects

2: Financial Engineering

3: Process Studies and Basic Engineering packages

4: Detailed Engineering and Procurement Services

5: Project Management Consultancy

6: Construction Management and Supervision

7: Training

8: After Sales Services

9: Operation and Maintenance

Field of activities

1: Oil/Gas upstream

2: Oil refining

3: Gas processing

4: Petrochemicals

5: Energy/ Renewable Energy

6: Plant automation and Management Information System