“It is by travel a man learns the most.
Often a day passed abroad will show more novelties than ten years passed at home”.

Anatole France

«Alice Travel» offers the best travel opportunities worldwide.
Our company focuses on complex, rush, individual and group tours, as well as VIP services.

Even if you have travelled all around the world, we have what it takes to hand-pick a tour that will surprise you!

We offer a unique opportunity: break away from the rigid travelling logistics – deadlines, hotels and charter flights! Be your own guide and plan your tour independently drawing on a multitude of comfortable options for recreation.

Medical Care in Germany


  • Initial processing of the medical case history, translation into German and medical advisement by correspondence.
  • Diagnostics and check-Up
  • Visa support
  • Transfers in Russia, CIS and Germany
  • Medical escorts for the critically ill
  • Qualified translation services
  • Legal and financial protection covering the stay at the clinic
  • Medical insurance covering the stay in the country of treatment
  • Visa extensions where treatment program has to be continued
  • Cultural programs: excursions to the cities of Europe, shopping centers, etc.
  • Translation of the German medical case history into Russian
  • Consultations with the foreign specialists by correspondence including written recommendations
  • Extra services for the VIP patients, as agreed
  • Purchase of medication and assistive devices for further out-patient treatment
  • Liaison with the clinic/ medical specialist
  • 24-hour telephone support
  • Telefax, personal computer and Internet access can be provided where required
  • Child care assistance
  • Transportation (including to the airport) and medical attendants for the critically ill patients
  • VIP service
  • Concierge Service

Medical Care in Switzerland

Health Resort Treatment, Hospital Treatment and Diagnostic Services in Switzerland.

  • Developing an individual medical program before arrival to Switzerland
  • Selecting a medical institution
  • Full patient support in Russian at all examination, treatment and rehabilitation stages
  • Medical records translation
  • Visa support and extension, if required
  • Car, helicopter or plane transfers, patient delivery by the aircraft of the Air Medical Service
  • Hotel booking
  • VIP Service
  • Concierge Service
  • Personalized approach to each customer coupled with exclusive confidentiality of the personal, financial and medical data.
  • Diagnostic check-up programs
  • Specialized health resort treatment
  • Rehabilitation programs at the specialized centers for children and adults
  • Medical aesthetics and anti-aging
  • Dental and denture treatment by patented painless methods
  • Transgender surgery and much more.

Medical Care in Israel



Healthcare level in Israel meets the standards of the leading medical centers in Western Europe and the US.
Our company collaborates with most of the leading medical institutions in Israel. We are in the position to direct the patient to the hospital with that country’s best department specializing in the treatment of the patient’s disease. The best national specialists will oversee the patient. This approach increases the chances of recovery substantially, even in critical cases.
Our partners’ medical centers have English-speaking doctors who take turns supervising patients round the clock, to provide full support to them and their attendants.
Our price list is much more attractive than that of the other medical facilities in Israel.
Each patient coming for treatment is accompanied by a English-speaking staff member from the time they make the decision to take the treatment to the point of their return home from Israel: full visa support, air ticket booking, transfer to the Medical Centre from the airport and all transfers required in the course of treatment, support during the whole period of examination and medical care, preparation of the hospital release documentation in English.

Emergency Aid (Air Medical Service)


Air medical service and medical evacuation are special types of air transportation requiring an aircraft custom-designed for medical evacuation, highly-skilled medical personnel and an extremely prompt responsiveness to the emergency at hand.

We are always prepared to provide medical evacuation of the patient in accordance with the international standards of medical care in any country of the world. Hiring a private ambulance plane allows to provide medical care to the persons in the most inaccessible areas of the world. Air medical service is needed when every hour matters and fast response of the medical personnel becomes the key factor for the rescue of human life. Our company experts know all the ins and outs of the medical evacuation and provide well-timed coordination with the clinics and airport services.

Corporate Events from A to Z

Business Tourism – General Information

We provide the full range of services from the development to implementation of ideas. We can manage any corporate event from A to Z.

We offer exclusive non-standard solutions: corporate events on yachts, at theatres, museums, ancient castles and villas, on deserted islands or mountain tops.

To save themselves the trouble of organizing a corporate event, all the client has to do is call us, send a fax or email.

We will not only select the venue, but also draft a program, think through the logistics and catering.
We will help you find solutions to the travel logistics: visa obtainment, flight planning, hotel booking, excursion and transportation services – our clients can trust «Alice Travel» to take care of all these issues.

Our motto is «THE SKY’S THE LIMIT» and we make every effort to meet the challenge of that motto.

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Executive And Staff Business Travel

Executive and Staff Business Travel

There is a number of logistical problems to solve where a staff member is to be sent on a business trip, if they plan to put the time in travel to the best use, e.g.:

  • Air and train tickets purchase
  • Locating and booking hotels
  • Transfers and other itinerary movements
  • Car rentals
  • Visa issues, etc.

We will save your time and address all your business travel issues by providing:

  • The most convenient, time-saving and cost-efficient itinerary for your trip
  • Booking hotels of any category worldwide
  • Booking air tickets from all airlines and taking care of all the paper work involved
  • Meeting/seeing off at airports/railway stations
  • Car rentals in any country
  • High quality comprehensive information regarding all aspects of your staff travel
  • Document delivery to the office

Organizing Conferences and Seminars

Managing Conferences and Seminars

Need to go on a business trip but would like to squeeze in some sightseeing too?
Every single detail matters in business as it helps to strengthen the image of the company. The importance of the corporate event quality cannot be overstated! Immaculate style, excellent coordination, careful selection and professionalism of the team working for you are a must.

Need to manage and run a corporate party or the company anniversary? Our agency staff will be happy to help you. These kinds of events are extremely important to any company, especially because business partners and journalist are often invited. Well-organized celebrations are the indicators of the company’s stability and success. Equipped with the first-hand knowledge of that truth, our company is prepared to offer you the service of selecting the venue for and managing your presentation.

With many major companies working with us, we are in the position to offer the choicest projects for your consideration.

Corporate Holidays

Corporate holidays? What’s the point?

Team cohesion is a major factor for company success, whether a multinational corporation or a small firm. A group of employees working as a single team with shared goals and interests is every leader’s ultimate dream.
Nothing brings the team together better than joint corporate events and campaigns. It could be a seminar, a conference, a corporate party at the office or aboard the ship, a picnic or a tourist trip.
Corporate holidays afford the members of a big team a unique opportunity to meet and befriend one another in an informal setting and to show off their strengths.

Incentive Travel For Staff

Incentive Travel for Staff

Incentive tour is the best way to reward your staff members or express your gratitude to your clients and partners for their excellent work. Also, it provides a great opportunity to build the team and strengthen the team spirit. This type of tourism is widely regarded as one of the best ways to motivate and reward those employees who are involved in promotion and sales, i.e. distributors and even top executives. This is a rare occasion when business can be mixed with pleasure.

This is one of the components of MICE industry. Any activities associated with business meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions are considered to make up this industry. Corporations use different types of rewards to encourage the employees for their “work accomplishments”, e.g. bonuses, expensive gifts or family travel vouchers. However, incentive tourism has gained the greatest popularity as a form of motivation.



A legend says that the game of golf originates with a plain shepherd, who walked the coastal dunes, stroke a round stone with a stick for lack of anything better to do, and made the rock roll into a rabbit burrow. Later on, the new fun caught on with his friends. Then the stones were replaced with the gutty percha balls, the rabbit burrows with the holes, and the sticks with the clubs.

Many countries claim to be the home of golf. Whatever the claims, generally the home of golf is thought to be a small Scottish town of St. Andrews. The first written record of golf dates back to 1457, which is widely accepted as the commencement of the official golf history. At that time, King James prohibited playing the game of golf because it distracted the soldiers from their chief duty, i.e. archery practice. So, the game invented 6 centuries ago still fascinates the educated humankind.

Golf is a captivating and popular sport accessible to everyone today. You will find a golf course of your liking at any first rate resort – from South Africa to New Zealand. Alice Travel will help you build your individual tour round the top world game courses, book tee-times and take part in the amateur club tournaments.

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Luxury Resorts and Private islands

Luxury Resorts and Private Islands

In addition to the chains of world-known magnificent hotels, there are secluded places in the world where people are few and sparse and the nature is pristine and tranquil. This is what several Caribbean islands are like, which can only be visited with the prior permission of the owner and only if references are available.

For instance, there is no TV, no phones and no newspapers on Vatulele island of the tropical Fiji archipelago. These are traded for sand beaches, mysterious caves with underground lakes and cliffs decorated with the puzzling pictures of the ancient islanders. This is an ideal place to escape from the humdrum of civilization.

Enjoy snorkel or aqualung dives, watch the red shrimps endemic to this area, or simply stay warm on the sand under the hot tropical sun. “Dress code” is a non-existent concept here, shorts and barefoot are welcome at the restaurant dinners.

After all, isn’t it what a tropical island is for? Isn’t it a place to relax and be what who you really are?..

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Villas, Castles and Luxury Suites Rental

Rent villas, castles, luxury apartments

If you plan to go on holidays with a group of friends or with your big family, to hire a villa is a perfect solution ensuring comfortable accommodation for adults and children alike. The rental of villas and suites is also a very convenient option for visiting an exhibition with a group of colleagues or attending a corporate seminar.

Our company offers you the villas and chalets of the best resorts in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Caribbean islands, Switzerland, Austria and many other countries. Our experts and partners will be delighted to assist you with the choice of villas and apartments and to offer you extra services that will meet your requirements.

If you are interested in spending your holiday or holding a celebration at an ancient castle, our experts will be happy to help.

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Yacht Charter

Charter Yacht

Yacht or motorboat charter is an unrivalled opportunity to explore the most beautiful and exciting locations in the world. Relax in the luxury of your floating palace while the yacht takes you from one exotic port to the other. Enjoy the romance with your dear one watching the sunset or kick back in the company of your friends while the experienced crew navigate your vessel. You will find this recreational experience totally charming.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, provide the details on the yacht rentals and choose the perfect destination for your yacht voyage.

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Aircraft Charter

Charter aircraft

Your job involves frequent business trips with continuous travelling by air? You are weary of long waits for your flight and tiresome check-ins?

In that case, to describe the advantages of private charters to you would be to preach to the converted. Private aircraft rental brings significant time savings due to the access to non-public airports, independence of the rigid flight schedules, minimum risks and on-board and airport VIP-service.

Our company can arrange individual and corporate air travel all around the world. There won’t be any problems with the plane bookings. We will take care of all the problems.

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Luxury Car Rental

Rent luxury cars

«Alice Travel» will provide the car tourism fans with any luxury car makes available through our partnership with the best international car rentals:
Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley……

You may choose to drive the car yourself or use a professional driver and guide, so that nothing distracts you from your thoughts and enjoyment during your trip.

If you wish, our professional drivers will deliver your vehicle to any point in Europe!

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help.

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Weddings and Honeymoons


Spend your honeymoon at a fantastic retreat or take a dreamlike cruise. The world has so many wondrous places groomed to be ideal for marriage vows.

We will be delighted to help you choose exactly what you’ve been dreaming about. We will also save you the trouble of meeting and accommodating the guests, organizing the wedding ceremony and decorations.

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Language Schools

Overseas Language Courses

He that travelleth into a country before he hath some entrance into the language, goeth to school, and not to travel.
Francis Bacon

Imagine you could communicate with the people from other countries in their language or were able to understand your partners’ language, as a business person!

Overseas language courses is an opportunity to learn a foreign language in the country where it’s spoken as native.
Overseas language courses vary in duration, intensity and focus.
There are children- or adult-targeted language learning programs. Children can learn foreign languages during their school holidays or receive comprehensive foreign education. Adults can complete their overseas language training at the time of their choice by taking specialized or business courses, or take academic examination courses to enter a foreign school.

Our company offers language learning in many countries:
English in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Canada and the US
German in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
French in France and Switzerland
Spanish in Spain
Italian in Italy
“Ceran” school (Belgium, Spa) – 11 languages, full immersion, 35 years of experience in organizing intensive language training courses.

Please contact our company, and we will select a proper school, which meets your specific requirements!

Family Recreation

Family Holidays

Today’s fast-paced life usually leaves little time for family members, let alone friends.
Please your loved ones and go on a family journey!

«Alice Travel» will arrange educational excursions to any part of the world. Your children will see with their own eyes the matchless beauty of this vast planet!

Also, we invite you to visit any theme park of the world, e.g.:

Disneyland in Paris (France),
Disneyworld in Orlando (US),
Gardaland on Lake Garda (Italy),
Europa Park in Freiburg (Germany), 
and other parks.

Underwater World

Underwater World

All deep water fans know the name of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who was a French sea navigator and explorer. It was him who made improvements, or, more precisely, invented the modern aqualung and the goggles for diving.

He who has dived in the deep sea or ocean waters at least once, experienced unforgettable feelings, encountered with the coral reefs, barracudas and rays, will never get along without these adventures.

The Galapagos Islands,
the Islands of the Caribean,
the Red Sea Coast (Israel, Egypt),
French Polynesia and
the coasts of Malaysia,
Australia and Thailand

became Meccas for the divers from around the world.

Customized diving tours or tours combined with diving, individual or group tours – it’s only a matter of your choice..

We will help you make your tour entertaining,
exciting and comfortable!



As kids we dream about incredible adventures and mysterious lands. Many will recall Korney Chukovsky’s nursery rhyme

Listen up, you, little kids! Never think of making trips To visit the distant Africa! Africa’s all about sharks, Africa’s all about apes, Africa has the river Nile With the huge and mean crocodile…
In contrast, visiting Africa today is safe and fun for kids and grownups alike. New unbelievable experiences are guaranteed! In defiance of the 21st century, the nature here is still pristine and the ancient traditions continue. Travelling to countries like SAR, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya or Tanzania means exciting adventures of which safaris are the most popular.

Translated from Swahili, “safari” means “travel”. Although in the past safari implied real hunting that often involved killing animals, today it assumes observing and making photos of wildlife species in all their grandeur. Though similar in principle, safaris are different in every country. The incredible African river Okawanago in Botswana, one of the natural wonders – Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Kruger National Park in South Africa…
To really complete the feel of safaris, we recommend a holiday on Mauritius or Madagascar…

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Sea and River Cruises


Since times immemorial, people travel by rivers, sea and oceans, and discover new lands.
We inherited our love of travels from our ancestors.

Probably everyone knows the adventure novels of by
Jules Verne featuring sail boat travels, i.e.:
“In Search of the Castaways” and “A Captain at Fifteen”.

All who read these books have dreamed (at least once) of taking an exciting sea journey to the distant lands.

Today’s cruises are an unbelievable opportunity to see many places in a few days’ span, plunge into different cultures, or simply spend your time in the most comfortable environment.

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Train Tours

Luxury rail travel

You will feel familiar with the antique carriages that currently make up the famous “Orient Express” train, if you have read Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express”.

The “Orient Express” is a passenger luxury train owned by a private company “Orient-Express” that has been running between Paris and Istanbul since 1883. Georges Nagelmakers, Belgian by birth, was the one who nourished the idea of “the Orient Express”. In 1889, the train ran the distance of over 1,800 miles from Paris to Istanbul in 67 hours. Later “The Orient Express’” name began to be applied to the European luxury trains of single or double sleepers refurbished in art deco style. Every compartment has a sink with cold and hot water. The most popular service used to be between London and Venice, and Paris and Vienna. Emperor Franz Josef, Queen Elisabeth II, Charles de Gaulle, Agatha Christie and other celebrities travelled by “The Orient Express” on various occasions.

Whatever train you would take – “Royal Scotsman” across Scotland, “The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express” across Europe, “Rovos Rail” or “Shongololo Express” across Africa, or “Trans-Siberian Express” – we will fill you in on the important details of travelling by train and will book your tickets.

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SPA Resorts


Don’t we all want to look healthy and young!

Alas, the pace of modern life leaves us less and less time to take care of ourselves. The best option is to organize holidays so as to combine physical and mental rest.

Baden-Baden, Abano… These names invoke the images of smart ladies and gentlemen who dutifully follow their treatment regimen during the daytime, and appear at night in all the dazzling beauty of the evening dresses and suits, to gather in casinos, restaurants and concert halls…

When in different sources we read “SPA-resort”, “SPA-salon”, the word “spa” is mostly being explained as having its origin in the Latin acronym for “sanitas per (pro) aquam”, which means “health through (from) water”. Nonetheless, it is not true. The word “spa” comes from the Belgian health resort Spa which was known all across Europe for the water of therapeutic effect. Over time, this name became generic. The best world spas are at your service: the European spa resorts steeped in history and ancient traditions; the ultramodern ritzy US spas, engaging spas of the distant Caribbean and exotic and mysterious Asian spas.

The best known spa resorts in Europe are Vichy and Evian in France, Abano Terme in Italy, Baden-Baden in Germany, Bad Ragaz and Leukerbad in Switzerland, Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic and the Dead Sea resorts in Israel. The top spa resorts are Jamaica, the Bahamas and Aruba in the Caribbean, Hawaii in the US and the Seychelles, the Maldives and Bali in the Indian Ocean.

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Winter Recreations

Winter Holidays

Dazzling white peaks, clear snow under your feet, bright sun, and the heady air of the mountains… You hold your breath and rush down the perfect snow track on your skis.
Breathtaking, isn’t it?

We invite you to experience this thrill by travelling to the top ski resorts all around the world. No words can describe downhill skiing. One must try it to understand it…

Perhaps you’re more into the blue sea, white sand, exotic fruits? Nothing beats a “spot of sun” in January! Imagine the glee of your children if they swim in the ocean and roll in the sun when it’s the dead of winter at home! It’s your call!

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Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing Tours

When travelling it’s important to remember that the point is not the travel itself, but the end of it. If you hurry too much, you may miss the very purpose of your travel.
F. Lamennais

«Alice Travel» offers the best choices from Spain to Australia, from Mauritius to Tahiti. Even if you have travelled all across the world, we will hand-pick a tour that will surprise you! Our company can arrange one-off luxurious travel based on the itinerary developed by the traveller with our employee’s assistance. “Alice Travel” offers our customers life-changing, enriching travel. We do that by allowing them to take an “insider’s look” at all corners of the world in a secure, comfortable, smart and competent environment.

You can choose to visit several cities or countries, travel with a group of friends or individually. We can arrange for guide services in your native language in most countries. The only limitation to the route you choose is your imagination!

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